Rodent R&R

Rodents like mice, rats, rabbits and guineapigs are lively, curious little things, always on the go, so keep them happy by giving them plenty to do.

There is a wide range of In our garden centre we've got a wide range of toys, exercise equipment and other fun things for your rodents: a selection keeps them fit and active and gives them an exciting, stimulating environment to entertain them all day.
Mice adore climbing, so suspend lengths of rope from the top of their cage. They also enjoy tunnelling through tubes or boxes filled with compost.
Rats are super-intelligent, so give them plenty of toys and challenges: hide treats inside boxes or balls or give them a running wheel to keep them busy.
Rabbits like to climb, tunnel and dig: give them tubes to run through and boxes they can hop in and out of. A digging pit keeps their paws busy for hours.
Guineapigs are big on playing hide-and-seek, so like plenty of boxes, tunnels and hidey-holes to scuttle in and out of. They also love their food: chews and nibble sticks are especially welcomed.
If you're not sure which entertainment to pick for your rodent, just ask one of our garden centre staff in Telford – they'll be pleased to help.

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