Bulbs aren't just for spring: you can have flowering bulbs in your garden all year round with a little planning. At Lakeside we stock bulbs seasonally, so you'll find spring and summer bulbs on sale in autumn, and late-season bulbs on our shelves at Lakeside from spring. Choose bulbs for every season to enjoy colour from January through to December:

    Spring: bulbs are first on the scene with a splash of colour so don't stint on quantity: fill your garden with crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips from the fantastic range on sale at Lakeside, and double your display by packing them into pots, too.

    Summer: it's the turn of the real showstoppers in summer, you'll find brilliantly-coloured dahlias, flamboyant lilies, sophisticated bearded irises and easy-going pompom allium bulbs on sale.

    Autumn: plant bright pink nerines for a brilliant splash of colour in September: other autumn bulbs we stock include autumn-flowering saffron crocus, exotic-looking Gladiolus murielae and brilliant yellow Sternbergia.

    Winter: tiny pink Cyclamen will appear among the early snowdrops, while winter aconites and tiny, delicate winter-flowering irises like Iris danfordiae provide a cheery December splash of yellow.

    Please ask a member of the Lakeside team for more information and advice about using bulbs in your garden.