Good beds for happy cats

    Please be aware this article is for information only as we do not stock this product at Lakeside. 

    Sleeping is what cats do best. They spend about a third of their lives fast asleep, curled up in as warm and cosy a spot as they can find. That's not always where you want them to be, of course: baskets of clean laundry seem particularly tempting! Provide your cat with a heavenly place for forty winks, and they'll be your friend for life – and your laundry will stay clean, too.

    There's a wide range of beds from handsome traditional wicker and easy-to-clean plastic to tuck a washable bed inside, to snuggly quilted mats and cosy cocoons. They come in every colour and pattern you can think of, so you can match your cat's bed to your decor.

    Watch how your cat sleeps before you choose: some like to curl up, so a snug basket or hooded bed is better, while others like to roll on their backs and stretch out - a quilted mat or beanbag might be a better choice. Low-sided beds are a good choice for kittens and also old cats, who need something that's easy to get into.


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