The well-fed dog

Please be aware this article is for information only as we do not stock these products at Lakeside. 

You want to do the best by your dog, keeping him as happy and healthy as he can be – and his diet is the first place to start.

Look for a food specially designed for your dog – if he's a puppy he'll need a food designed to help him grow, but if he's a senior he'll want something with fewer calories to reflect his slower lifestyle.

Food varies with work, too: if he's a gundog or sheep dog, he'll want food with the extra energy to keep up. Whatever your dog's needs, we have the food to suit.

Buy the best feed you can afford: 'premium' foods have the best quality ingredients and though they may cost a little more, you don't need to feed as much so you'll probably find out it works out around the same.

When you switch to a new brand, though, do so gradually over at least a week to give his digestive system a chance to get used to the change in diet.


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