Kitting out your aquarium

Please be aware this article is for information only as we do not stock pond products at Lakeside. 

Setting up your first aquarium is your chance to let your imagination run riot. A good aquarium shows off your new fish and gives them a wonderful environment to live in. 

The exact needs of your fish can vary according to what type of fish they are and the size of your tank. But the basic requirements are the same: to set up a cold-water aquarium to suit most fish, this is what you'll need.

Pumps and filters: an air pump oxygenates the water and keeps both fish and plants healthy. Add a filter to keep your tank clean, and a second pump to move the water itself, also helping keep it crystal clear.

Plants: aquatic plants create a natural environment for your fish: combine different shapes and colours to create an underwater garden for your fish to explore.

Rocks and sculptures: build up natural or artificial rock into coral reef lookalikes your fish can dodge in and out of, or lean one architectural rock on another for a cave-like hidey-hole. An elegant sculpture adds the finishing touch to your underwater scene.


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