Special tools for the specialist gardener

Pick the right tool for the right job, and you'll find things magically become easier. Specialist garden tools have been designed for every gardening task, and if you invest in the tool that's made for the activity you have planned, work becomes a pleasure.

Here are just some of the specialist gardening tools you can find in our garden centre:

Bulb planter: slice through the ground to remove a perfect cone of earth for planting your spring bulbs

Dibber: use the tip for making indentations in compost for seeds, or go deeper for transplanting seedlings

Edging knife: neaten up the tricky bits between flower border and lawn with an easy-to-use half moon edger

Draw hoe: pull up earth around potatoes to protect from frost and encourage lots of tasty tubers

Garden line: sowing in a straight line is a doddle when you mark out your drill with a simple garden line

Pruning knife: sharp, efficient, and small enough to slip into your back pocket: essential kit at cuttings time

Shears: specialist topiary shears clip tight corners, while general-purpose types keep hedges in good shape.

Please ask a member of the Lakeside team for more information about which gardening tools to choose.

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