Lighting knowhow

Different types of lighting in a garden produce entirely different results, from a soft, gentle glow to the clear, bright light of safety spots or security lights. The choice is yours: but to help you decide, here's a lowdown of the main varieties of lighting: 

Fluorescent: a low energy alternative to halogen lamps, producing a warm white light with less glare and using two-thirds less electricity. They last twice as long as halogen, too.

Halogen: really clear low-voltage light ideal for driveways, decking, patios, pathways, sheds and house walls – anywhere where you need to see your way.

LED: the most long-lasting lights you can buy, with up to 50,000 hours of bulb life, and incredibly versatile as you can get LED garden lighting for almost any situation.

Solar: an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional garden lighting with a soft, glowing light, requiring no wiring and charging themselves even on overcast days.

Rechargeable: combining low energy LED light sources and high capacity batteries in polycarbonate cases, you can get multiple colour-changes and even float them in your pool!

Please ask a member of the Lakeside team for more information and advice about which type of garden lighting to choose.


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