Ways to decorate your Christmas tree

Ways to decorate your Christmas tree

There are many ways to decorate your Christmas tree, so it can be a tricky decision to decide on the style, colours and materials you would like to use to create a truly perfect Christmas tree for you, your family and friends who visit over the holidays. From lights to hanging decorations, even tinsel and toppers, we've put together some ideas for you below. 

  1. Fairy lights

First and perhaps foremost are your Christmas tree lights. They will be put on your tree before you add all of the other decorations and with so many different types to choose from, have a think about what style you would like. Or browse what's available and decide on the spot! There are small fairy lights, flashing lights (many have settings so you can choose the pattern of flashing lights), and white and multi-coloured. There are also various shapes, from the traditional bulb to stars, butterflies and icicles. Don't forget to check out the LED light bulb options for a more eco-friendly Christmas and to save some costs. 

  1. Hanging decorations

There are many ways to decorate a tree, so this will give you some ideas. If you use giant baubles, use them sparingly so each one can be admired. Using smaller baubles means you could also have room for other hanging decorations, including sparkly reindeer or stars. You could go big on colour or stick to a theme such as white, pink, or green. Think of your tree as a personal expression of yourself. What colours do you like? What colours are your home or other festive decorations? You could skip the baubles and make your own natural decorations from collected pine cones, twigs and leaves. Using dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and sprigs of garden foliage works well also. 

  1. Additional accessories

Don't forget the tinsel and Christmas tree topper. Tinsel can give your tree a whole vintage vibe, so pick your colours and go for it. You can also use other accessories, such as shiny beads or ribbons. Remember to layer the ornaments and accessories to ensure the tree looks perfectly balanced. Don't forget to top the tree with a big star, fairy or even a big show-off bow. Make your Christmas tree your own. 

  1. Ways to decorate your Christmas tree around the base 

It's not just the branches and needles that can be used to decorate your tree, as it all comes down to the base. Firstly make sure the tree is standing in the correct size base and then wrap it in a fake snow blanket or ribbon or even add a Christmas scene at the bottom. With your base decorated, you're all ready for Santa to deliver the presents. 

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