Sowing a kitchen garden in May

Sowing a kitchen garden in May

Sowing a kitchen garden in May is fairly easy as it’s such a busy time of year for sowing and growing. There are very many different vegetables and salads that can be sown in May for an abundant harvest going into the Autumn.

1. Brassicas 

Don’t panic if you haven’t sown your cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbages and sprouts yet because you can still sow them in May for a plentiful crop by the end of the year. They can be nurtured undercover in a greenhouse, on a warm windowsill, directly in the ground if the weather is good and even planted in an area temporarily until other crops have finished before planting on.

2. Squashes

Pumpkins and Courgettes can be sown during May and will grow at quite a pace in sunny, warm weather, ready for you to plant out in June. Pop the seeds in individual modules, water, label and watch them grow. You’ll be pumpkin carving in no time!

3. All the roots

Rows of Carrots, Beetroots, Turnips and Swede can all be sown outside during May. Deter carrot root fly by sowing them in a raised bed or making sure they are covered with fine mesh. 

4. Sweetcorn

You can sow your sweetcorn outside during May, Don’t forget to sow in a block/square formation, which helps them to pollinate properly. Give them some protection from pests and late frosty weather with some fleece or cloches.

5. Salads 

Keep sowing your cut and come again lettuce, spinach and any leafy greens. This is successional sowing meaning that you will be able to harvest a continuous crop for as long as possible throughout the year. 

6. Microgreens 

These can be sown at any time of year and will pack a nutritious punch to your cooking in just a few weeks after sowing. Sow seeds such as sprouts, radish, beetroot, herbs and much more, allowing them to grow no taller than 10cm before you harvest them. That small sprout is full of nutrition, flavour and looks great as a garnish or put into a smoothie, soups, stews and sprinkled on top of a freshly harvested homegrown plate of Salad.

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