Create a kitchen garden

Create a kitchen garden

Have you thought about creating a kitchen garden and growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers? Kitchen gardens look great and have recently seen a resurgence as more people like to enjoy healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. So here's a few tips to get you started.

Make plans for your kitchen garden and keep your design in mind 

A kitchen garden is usually designed with the shape of the garden you already have, so it is in-keeping with the theme and style of your home. They tend to be symmetrical and shaped like circles, diamonds, squares or hearts. At Lakeside we can help to create a lovely design for your kitchen garden - just ask for Kev.

Consider your aspect when you start making plans for your kitchen garden 

To grow plenty of vegetables and cut flowers you will want to maximise sunshine, so check where and how the sun moves in your garden and plan where you will grow based on the aspect. Decide where your beds will be best placed to achieve maximum sun for the plants you are going to grow. 

Start making plans for your kitchen garden with raised beds

If you already have beds, that's great news but if not or you want more growing space, raised beds are used a great deal in kitchen gardens. They are easy for access to both plant and harvest. Plus they look great!

What do you want to grow when you start making plans for your kitchen garden? 

The most important thing to consider is what you want to grow.

  • Think about things that you eat and use, perhaps vegetables that you can’t buy so easily or are expensive.
  • Perhaps some cut flowers that you enjoy and plenty of herbs! Kitchen gardens are traditionally full of leafy green vegetables, companion plants and many herbs.
  • A great benefit is that you can pop outside and freshly harvest what you need to cook with for your meals and the taste of fresh homegrown produce is by far the very best!

Lakeside can help you design, build and plan your kitchen garden with lots of products and plants in store.