Plant Skimmia for Winter Interest

    Plant Skimmia for Winter Interest

    It is time to plant Skimmia for winter interest and keep your garden looking full of colour and berries in the cold months of the year. Skimmia is an evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves and fragrant flowers in the spring are followed by white or red berries into the autumn on female varieties. Male Skimmia like the variety Rubella hold an intense burgundy red bud from late autumn through to the spring when they burst open into heavenly fragrant white flowers. For stunning, beautiful berries a male and female Skimmia must be purchased for pollination. 

    Skimmia offer so much to each season in the garden and also look good in pots and containers plus they can be planted at any time of the year as long as the ground isn't frozen or waterlogged.

    How to plant Skimmia for Winter interest

    Skimmia is available as a male, female or self-fertile plant. To ensure the female grows big beautiful berries in Winter you will need to plant both a male and female plant together or make sure the variety you are planting is self-fertile and then it can grow on its own. If you are unsure, we can advise you in the store. 

    • Another beneficial side to growing Skimmia is that they grow well in full shade, so if you have an area in your garden that you are unsure what will grow in, Skimmia can be a good choice. They can tolerate part shade but not full sun. 
    • Plant into neutral to acidic soils so if you are planting into containers, use some ericaceous compost and although they do grow in alkaline soils make sure it is also full of plenty of organic matter. 

    Plant Skimmia for winter interest and take care of them

    Skimmia needs very little care, it really is an all-round easy plant to grow. If you are planting in pots, make sure that the soil doesn't completely dry out as it is growing and during spring and summer, make sure it is given some plant food. If you are growing it outside, give it a mulch and ensure it is watered well when you plant it, as it is establishing and in dry weather. 

    Plant Skimmia for winter interest with other plants 

    Skimmia grows well in a woodland style garden due to it enjoying the shade so much. Still, in a pot or container, it is striking planted along with some brightly coloured lime Heucheras, vibrant pink Cyclamen and a variety of Heather. The combination makes a true winter style container.

    Please keep it in shape when you plant Skimmia for winter interest 

    Skimmia requires very little pruning but if you do want to keep it in shape, lightly prune it during winter when it is dormant and use the sprigs to decorate your home for Christmas. 

    Please pick up your Skimmia in store and ask any of our staff for advice.