Building a garden building

Building a garden building

Having a small garden shed is quite common in many gardens especially in Telford. However, a small shed in one of the garden’s corners will only suffice to store away gardening accessories, tools and equipment. Usually a small shed will not even have room to store away garden furniture that is not being used in the winter. So, wouldn’t it be better to have a larger garden shed that will be able to serve for a wide range of purposes? After all, extra space is never a luxury as we all tend to have countless things that need to be stored and generally we rarely have any free space at all! Your garden can be the perfect spot to build a gazebo, or maybe a studio workshop where you can enjoy practising your hobby. You could even opt for a small playhouse for your kids. Summer houses are another great addition. You can place a table and chairs and enjoy the beauty of your garden while sipping tea with friends and relatives. If it is too cold to stay outdoors, a summer house is certainly a great option to entertain your family or friends, while still being able to enjoy the greenery of your garden. All of these are perfectly great options if your garden is big enough to accommodate one or more of them.

So, what if I were to tell you to build such wooden constructions yourself? The first thing that will probably come to your mind is that it is too difficult, and you do not have any time to spare constructing buildings. But in reality it is neither complicated nor too time consuming to do this. In fact you will be able to find do it yourself kits for different types of garden constructions, including log cabins and garden sheds. These come with all the necessary parts and easy to follow instructions that anybody will manage to understand and implement. The instructions will offer you a clear guideline, step by step, of all the assembly needs of the building. It will only take you a few hours to complete, or at most a couple of days. If you have someone to help you out by simply holding the parts for you, the task will be rendered even simpler.

One of the most important things to consider is where you will be setting up this garden building. You need to find a spot that is large enough to accommodate it, and where there is a perfectly flat surface. This is important as you want to make sure that the building has a solid foundation. Usually once the foundation is completed, you will be able to start to attach the walls, and then the door/s and window/s. Some garden buildings will have domes too. These help to increase the flow of air and the lighting. Make sure that the windows and doors are made from high quality materials. They should be durable and preferably UV resistant and waterproof.

To make up space for a garden building you wish to construct, you may have to rearrange the layout of your garden a bit. It is best to break it up into smaller areas or parts. An entertaining area is considered as a must for most people. You may want to have one or more areas for your kids’ entertainment, such as place for a sandbox or play area. If you like to plant vegetables you will want to have a separate vegetable area. A utility area is often required. You may want to have certain parts reserved for decorations or facilities, such as a pond, benches or a pool.

If you consider gardening as a hobby you will want to rearrange your garden to have more space available for planting. However, you need to bear in mind that the more you plant, the more tools and gardening equipment you are going to need, and these call for a suitable storage area. A garden shed is the most feasible option as you do not want to drag dirty gardening tools and equipment in your house for sure!

Most garden buildings are made from wood. This is the most traditional material, and to date it is still widely used as it has that unique rustic look that complements any gardening landscape perfectly. Gazebos for instance, are almost always constructed from wood. Gazebos give a nice look to any garden and they have been used for several years, dating back to Persian and Chinese literature too. Their pavilion structure appeals to many. There are some people who prefer standalone gazebos, whereas others opt for a gazebo where one of the walls is attached to the house. Some gazebos have open sides, whereas others have some of them, or almost all of them closed. Gazebos give shelter and are often used instead of outdoor benches. They are ideal when there is a lot of sun as they provide shade where one can rest, have a chat or read a book even
in the hot summer months.

Cabanas are also popular options. A cabana is like a small hut with a thatched roof. Cabanas are generally built near water features. They can be made from treated wood, as well as steel or aluminium.

Since many people are taking up a job where they can stay at home, a garden office may just be the best option. This small building in the garden can give you the pleasure of enjoying the breeze and the nature while working, and you won’t be taking up space in your home. Another benefit of setting up a garden office is that you do not have to apply for any permit as long as it is not too big. In fact if the height is up to 4 meters and the building is at least 2 meters from the property line, then there is no problem whatsoever. It is also important that it does not take up more than half of the garden area.

Being aware of the various types of garden buildings will give you the possibility to choose one that is most ideal for your needs. Consider the storage space you need and what you will be using the building for.

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