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Exotic Zoo

Scott and his team at Exotic Zoo have now taken over the former Lakeside Animal Park which was always popular with all our visitors.

It has been a very interesting and rewarding experience for the Lakeside team creating the former Animal Park, seeing it grow and following its transition to a zoo, so we thought we would leave a little history of how it developed from the Park into a zoo….

As Lakeside grew, we established a dedicated Animal Park which became home to a range of unusual animals who would otherwise have been homeless. This was very popular with schools and families who visited to feed the animals which included Wallabies, Mara, Kuni Kuni pigs, Guinea pigs, rabbits, Pigmy goats, chickens and ducks.

As our Park continued to develop we also added Meerkats to our collection and many of our visitors enjoyed spending time with both the Wallabies and the Meerkats, in the care of one of our trained staff.

Such was its popularity, we started to redesign the area and planned to apply for a Zoo licence in 2017 to enable us to further add some exotic animals to our Park.
However, as we had previously worked closely with ‘Exotic Zoo’, hosting special events where visitors could experience the more unusual and exotic animals and birds, this year we were very pleased that Exotic Zoo decided to relocate from its current home in Donnington to Lakeside.

Scott Adams (a familiar face on BBC Blue Peter) and his team from ‘Exotic Zoo’ will now manage the former Animal Park as a zoo, creating a new Visitor Centre, incorporating educational facilities and a sensory area with a wide range of exotic animals, in addition to those formerly at the Animal Park.

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